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About Hannah AlRaee

Hannah has been providing real estate services to Tampa Bay since 2015. She is passionate about helping others through one of many journeys in life. She specializes in First Time Homebuyers and Veterans. Nothing too large or small throughout Tampa Bay. She has lived and worked in Pinellas County for 25+ years and is in love with the beach. At any moment you will find her at the beach soaking in the sun with her toes in the sand.

Hannah is always offering a helping hand whether it is a hug, supporting word of encouragement, guidance through a difficulty, volunteering for a variety of charitable organizations or offering a referral for someone she knows!
You can count on her to be the go-to gal for knowledge on most things related to real estate, including contractors, electricians, attorneys, insurance agents, well, you get the idea. Call me today to have a chat with me and share with me what I can do for you!

When you love to help people and you love the beach, what better way than mix the two and help others find their piece of paradise!